The most comprehensive resource on LinkedIn Ads strategies is now available.

LinkedIn is home to millions of key decision makers in every industry. That’s why LinkedIn Advertising is a vital social channel for businesses to get their name in front of the right audience. Our new, 25-page e-book will guide you through all the fundamentals of advertising on LinkedIn, while offering our team's strategies, insights, and best practices. You do not want to launch LinkedIn Ads without this companion guide!

What You'll Learn

  • 152 individual tips on launching and managing LinkedIn campaigns
  • How you should target your first campaigns
  • Simple guidelines on every ad format
  • Ad design and testing tips to get your ads to perform
  • Using LinkedIn Ads for account-based marketing
  • What performance metrics to care about
  • How to avoid common mistakes that will save you time and money
  • Eight bonus insider tips from our experts on LinkedIn Ads